Why I miss my Premier League Posted on 5 Feb 23:07 , 0 comments

Joni Mitchell sang in Big Yellow Taxi ‘you don’t know what you've got till its gone’ and for me this Premier League season has proven that to be oh so true. Just like the song I fear Optus Sports has 'paved paradise.'

After being exposed for so long now to the excellent Premier League coverage on FOX Sports this season saw the top level of the game in England move to Optus Sport.

AFL Womens league arrives with a bang Posted on 4 Feb 16:51 , 0 comments

No matter what you thought of women playing footy before Friday 3 February 2017, there is no doubt after it that Women's AFL is here in a big way.

A lock out crowd, a hotly contested game of football and terrific rating numbers show this is an idea whose time has come.

A Missed goal is a missed opportunity for the A-League Posted on 14 Feb 18:22 , 0 comments

Last night we saw a pulsating Melbourne Derby in the Hyundai A-League between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory. The final scoreline of 2-2 hardly seems to do justice to the match that led to that scoreline. The game seemed to have everything from forceful tackles, brilliant goals, some fine saves, a red card at the end of a bunch of yellow cards and a disallowed goal that would have decided the contest. Sadly we also have to add to the list poor fan behaviour, which seems to accompany the big games in the A-League these days. 

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Tour de France - Interview with Kos Samaras Posted on 24 Jul 09:53 , 0 comments

Watching the TdF as I have for over 20 years, I’ve been through the best and worst times. There was That Bastard and Other Bastards and then there were (maybe) the good guys.

And post Oprah, one could almost feel cleansed and ready to watch a clean peloton have a go. But the rumours- and perhaps the evidence- is there to indicate that all is not well again.

Kos Samaras is a significant figure in Australian cycling. A gifted and hardworking cyclist in his own right, today he’s the team owner of Kosdown Performance and his comments on a Facebook post lead me to ask him for this chat about the tour, the contenders and then yes, the doping.

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Tour de France - What have we learned so far? Posted on 15 Jul 22:04 , 0 comments

Five things we’ve learned after the first week of the Tour de France:

  1. Don’t wear yellow early- or ever maybe…

    Holy hello no! Rohan Dennis must be feeling lucky. Not because he won a stage, he was record-beating fast and deserved his prologue win. No, his lucky day was wearing yellow and not crashing out.

    After Rohan “gave up” the jersey on stage two -where he did not bridge across to the winning break to ensure the riders with him lost time to his team leader- he must have been disappointed. But I’m sure that seeing the next guy in the leader’s jersey, Fabian Cancellara, crack some vertebrae in a big, fast, scary crash, Rohan must have been somewhat relieved. When Tony Martin crashed (and it was his fault too!) the next day while also in yellow he must have been high fiving all in sight. 

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Wimbledon wrap – end of tournament Posted on 14 Jul 19:21 , 0 comments

The Wimbledon tournament for 2015 is over for another year with Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams winning the respective singles titles.

How they both got to the titles was done in different ways.

One had a relatively comfortably path to the title, the other had to fight hard in the final for the triumph.

Last week the Locker Room covered the first week of the event until the quarter final stage.

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Wimbledon mid-tournament wrap – Locker Room Books Posted on 8 Jul 23:09 , 0 comments

This year’s Wimbledon has provided plenty of drama already with upsets, shock results, off field action and farewells to some of the legends of the sport.

The best thing is there is still under a week to go of the tournament and some cracking matches still to come.

It has been a brilliant tournament for Australia with the nation having some of their best results since the mid 90’s.

It has also been a great tournament for the top players with Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka, Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka still around.

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An interesting opening weekend of AFL Posted on 7 Apr 22:10 , 0 comments

Thanks to the Cricket World Cup the AFL season got underway a little bit later this year.

The wait certainly felt like it was worth it.

In a crafty piece of scheduling the AFL sought to match teams off evenly based on their ladder positions last year.

So Fremantle and Port Adelaide matched up in a blockbuster showdown in Perth. This was a last man standing game with the defensive pressure of Freo up against the running power of Port.  Freo grabbed the honours on the night but I think both sides walked away with a lot to like.

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Asian Cup the Pleasant Surprise Posted on 24 Jan 19:27 , 0 comments

We all know how big the World Cup is and of course we know that Football is considered the World Game.

However I have to admit heading into the Asian Cup, I wasn't really sure what to expect or how Australian crowds would react to the tournament.

It is fairly easy to say as we head into the semi-finals that the Asian Cup has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. From crowds packing stadiums to the standard of the game on the field, the tournament has delivered in spades both on and off the park.

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