Muscles - Ken Rosewall and Richard Naughton


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“Not only was Ken Rosewall one of the top six players of all time, he was at the forefront of men’s tennis through the late 1950s until the advent of Open tennis in 1968. He was still at the top when the ATP was formed in 1972. Today’s players owe a lot to the likes of Ken Rosewall.” —John Newcombe, winner of seven Grand Slam singles titles and member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Richard Naughton’s second tennis title follows Ken Rosewall’s ascent to glory—from early competitions and his year of glory in 1953, when we was a member of the Australian LTAA touring team—to his emergence on the pro tennis scene and eight grand slam tournament victories.

Recounted in part by Rosewall himself and extensively researched by Naughton, the book provides a fascinating snapshot of the worldwide tennis scene in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and is accompanied by photographs from Rosewall’s personal collection.


Richard Naughton 

Richard Naughton is a Melbourne-based legal academic and writer. Currently a visiting lecturer in the Monash law faculty and undertaking research into Australia’s collective bargaining laws, he is co-author of the leading textbook, Australian Labour Law – Text, Cases and Commentary. Richard’s love of tennis and the history of the game saw him contribute to Australian Tennis magazine for many years.